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2019 Tax Relief Industry Facts

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Each year, the IRS estimates that Americans fail to pay around $458 billion in taxes. This is certainly an intimidating figure, but it can also be reassuring, in a way. If you find yourself owing on your taxes or dealing with back taxes, this number is all the proof that you need that you’re not alone.

In fact, recent estimates from the IRS indicate that around 900,000 taxpayers are delinquent on their taxes each year. In 2017, as an example, those taxpayers owed an average of $64,000 in back taxes.

If you’re now finding yourself in a similar situation, or if you need help with an IRS notice, our Sacramento team is here to help. You’re not the first to be in your situation, and you certainly won’t be the first that we’ve helped to get back on top of things. Our team offers professional help for clients nationwide, and the first step is to reach out!

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The most important thing to know when facing tax problems is that you’re not alone. A variety of tax relief programs and solutions exist; you just need to find which options apply to you and know how to access them. That’s where our team at Paramount Tax Relief in Sacramento comes in.

When you know how to provide the IRS with relevant information, the opportunity to get back on top of your finances can become a reality. A number of potential tax relief solutions exist, including:

  • Offer in compromise
  • Bank levy release
  • Tax lien release
  • Non-collectible status
  • Payment installment plans
  • Innocent spouse relief
  • Penalty abatement

For more information on tax forgiveness and tax debt relief, simply contact Paramount Tax Relief in Sacramento. We’re here to work with you and your unique situation, no matter where you live, to help you regain your financial independence. Get the ball rolling with a consultation today!

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