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Paramount Tax Relief in Sacramento Testimonials

Relief from tax problems

Here at our Sacramento tax relief company, we take great pride in helping clients all across the country to resolve their troubles with the IRS to regain control of their situation. There’s nothing we love more than hearing from our satisfied customers! Take a look at these testimonials from some of our recent clients to see how Paramount Tax Relief can help you to solve your tax problems.

“I owed IRS alot of money, I contacted Paramount Tax and they worked with me from the very beginning. I am so relieved that I contacted them. Paramount has helped me so much. I would recommend Paramount tax relief to anyone. Thank you to the employees. God Bless each of you.” – Rosanna. B

“One word amazing! The tax professionals @ paramount tax helped me so much and gave me a true Christmas miracle this year 2019. I owed the IRS thousands of dollars but with the help of paramount tax, I owe the IRS nothing! These tax professionals are one of a kind and I completely and totally recommend paramount tax .Hands down a great company and amazing staff! Now I can make plans with my lady to get married and of course Paramount tax will be invited!” – AJ.

“I can not express all of the gratitude I have for Paramount tax Relief and it’s team in Sacramento. Mike B. helped me through a very difficult and stressful time in dealing with my Federal tax situation. He and the team (Faith, Pearl & others) were understanding, kind, judgmental and helped guide me through the entire process which has allowed me the tremendous opportunity to get my situation under control. I can not thank them enough for all of the work they put in on my behalf, and how they stood behind me. I highly recommend working with Paramount Tax Relief and can honestly say they have impacted my life in such a positive manner with entire process. Please reach out to them if you’re having a difficult time with your taxes, they are the absolute best people to help you make a difference in your situation.” – Olivia P.

“They do great work and I appreciate that they did to help me” – Henry B Jr.

“Faith and team took control of my out of control tax situation negotiated with State and Federal and made life bearable again ..highly recommend Paramount Tax Relief and especially the West Sacramento Ca branch” – Rod B.

“Really nice helping people and cares about your case willing too work with you even in bad times im very please with paramount Tax relief they could get my Perfect 10 anytime there the real deal wanting to help u thanks so much too every one there” – Shawn W.

“We are so thankful for all you did to help Sean with the IRS tax problems. It is such a relief to not have that debt hanging over us.” – Sean P.

“I found Paramount Tax Relief after searching online to help me understand my tax notice. I was thoroughly surprised at the warm service. Excellent company and staff. Thank you very much!” – Fred R.

“Service from Paramount was excellent. I honestly expected it to be a lot more stressful, they took care of everything!” – Justin A.

“I am really proud to have found Paramount Tax Relief. I hired another firm who dragged my case out for years with no end. I have had this tax nightmare for 10 years. I owed over $300k and just didn’t know who to trust. I saw TV commercials that promised an end but just wanted to take my money with no direction. I finally did some research and landed with Faith and she did everything she assured me she and her team would do. My $300,000 dollar IRS nightmare was now a $100 Offer in Compromise. I couldn’t be more happier to have my life back and finally have some sleep and normalcy. Paramount tax relief thank you to all who helped me. Amazing job!!” – Luis G.

“I contacted Paramount Tax Relief after receiving several stress causing IRS letters. That is when Faith and her team jumped in and started helping me with my tax situation. At first, I was a bit skeptical but after the second call, I knew they were legit. Faith answered all my questions, emails and calls throughout the entire process. Forward to now and Faith and the Paramount’s team resolved my issues beyond my expectations. My wife and I would highly recommend Paramount Tax Relief to anyone in need.” – Sal P.

“We are sooooooo excited about the complexion of our case with Paramount Tax Relief and the AMAZING job they did for our family! Faith & and her Professional Team definitely exceeded our wildest dreams the end results were magnificent! Thank you with our whole heart and God Bless you and your Team!” – Jeffrey & Rwanda F.

“Faith and her associates have been the apittamey of professionalism in solving my tax problems. Not only reaching a solution, the speed was amazing. The extra time and effort they devoted to solving my problems, not only with the IRS, but other agencies as well was beyond the norm and more than I expected. The personal effort and time devoted to my case is a degree of professionalism that is seldom experienced in todays world. My highest recommendation and thanks to Faith and Paramount Tax Relief.” – Richard D.

“I am very very satisfied and happy that we chose Paramount Tax Relief to help us with our situation. They went above and beyond what we expected. Thank you Faith, Pearl. Michael and everyone at Paramount. May God bless you all.” – Gary B.

“My life is not perfect but I am thankful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon my strength. I am grateful to you all for your help.” – Betrick S.

“Great experience with this company. Faith and Mike were pleasures to deal with. Very responsive and achieved the results I wanted!!!” – Dean F.

“Paramount Tax relief is the best company my husband and I could find to help us to be saved from Taxes. Faith thank you very much for being always there able to answer any question we had at the moment we emailed you or called you. Your dedication could make the time shorter to settle all the account. Thabk you very much.” – Patricia S.

“I came to Paramount Tax Relief after talking to other companies. I am so happy that I chose Paramount Tax Relief. They resolved all my back taxes. I was approved for an Offer In Compromise. I can start fresh next year. I am so thankful for these results. No more stress after years of carrying this weight. Paramount is the best team! Thank you very much.” – Erna M.

“Excellent service and the results it’s fantastic the customer service and the special Perla it’s the best company I recommend to fix you tax problems.” – Israel V.

“Very helpful and caring. It was a very shameful call to make but Faith made me feel very comfortable & at ease. Both Faith & Pearl were always available to answer any & all questions. I would highly recommend Paramount Tax Relief to anyone in need.” – Sandra F.

“Paramount tax relief was just that a relief for my wife and I. The communication is great and they are very aggressive about serving your needs. Faith is fantastic she does everything she says she will do and she represents you very well They help get you the results you hoped for and then some. We highly recommend Paramount tax relief for your tax needs.” – Eric

“Very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.” – Craig P

“I had a wage garnishment on my check for 7 years and they were able to help me within 2 weeks, it felt so good to finally get a full paycheck. They are awesome to work with and I would recommend them to anyone with a tax issues. Thanks guys for helping me!!!!!” – Debbi B

“When you receive a letter from the IRS your heart stop beating for a few seconds!!!. I had a problem and I called several companies that offer similar services , yet most of them lack that personalized touch that Paramount Tax Relief offers. They understood what I needed, they offer me assistant solving my situation and that was accomplished in a professional manner. Faith and everyone in the company are extremely courteous, knowledgeable and get their job done in a smooth way taking all the pressure away from me, My sincere appreciation to all of them.” – Siv N

“They were very knowledgeable and helpful Thank you very much” – Tina V

“Faith, the following as posted: If you are reading this, you are probably being challenged (as I was) by an unexpected disturbing letter you received from IRS. After the initial shock and a couple of days later my first thought was, who can help me work through this?.. How much will it cost? Where do I start? After some personal motivational speech, I started my search for assistance. My search involved multiple phone calls over multiple weeks. I talked to a number of different firms, all promising to be the best…however, most were marketing firms developing business for their clients and all were over priced and superficial. But when I spoke to Faith, her professionalism and competency radiated through the phone. Her responses to my questions resolved my apprehensions; based on a number of conversations with her, comments on social media and the internet. I selected Faith and her team to represent me. My tax issue was not simple and it took months to resolve, but Faith and the Paramount’s team resolved my issues beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Faith and her team at Paramount to represent you in resolving your tax issues…” – H S.

“I was so stressed out over the taxes I owed until I started working with Paramount tax relief they changed my life no more stressing and being worried the IRS would come take everything I built . Thank you all who worked on my case I would refer you to anyone I know with tax issues thank you all so much!!!” – Tonja B

“Although I live on the East Coast, for years I have trusted Faith Rahim for all of my accounting needs. I have followed her career, and continued to be her client, because she is always courteous, knowledgeable, professional, and timely. As someone who works on a freelance basis, with all the variations that entails, I know that Faith and her expertise will help me get my taxes in order while making sure that I am treated fairly.” – Juan Carlos Pérez-Duthie

“Me and my wife was in the middle of trying to get our life back on track because we felt that we was getting to old to just keep on going through life the way that we were which was close to on the edge so we slowly started taking care of all the small bills and paying off all kinds of things and then I realized that I could not move forward until I got my student loan and my taxes which was behind by more then a little bit so my wife was looking on line and she as a matter a fact she typed in optimum tax relief so she clicked on the first option that came up which just so happened to be Paramounttax relief thank god for that because they have to be the a few of the nicest, patient, caring & knowledgeable set of ladies and individuals that u could ask for I mean they got me set up and going the same day they would call and check on us, and inform us they even went out of there way to see the process through even when things got rough for us throughout the year I mean I wanted to give up and they just wouldn’t let me it was as if they knew what was best for us they did not let my financial burdens stop the process. Mrs Pearl and Mrs Faith made me feel like I they cared more about helping us out then they did about getting my money i was trying to refer them before my problems with the IRS was even fixed with that being said they will have my business for hopefully many years to come I will always refer them with an emphasis on it lol not to mention that they did all of this without ever meeting us due to the fact that we live in TX which did make me skeptical for a few minutes until I heard there soft and sweet voices thanks to them I was able to see at least a 75 percent deduction of what I was going to have to pay if I would have done it my way thanks a million times plus some” – Chadick E.

“I hired Paramount Tax Relief after listening to them on the radio. I was all compliant with filing, but I still could not manage to figure out what to do with my IRS tax debt. I spoke with Faith, and she got the process started immediately by contacting the IRS to get all of the details on my case.

“The team at Paramount Tax Relief filed my 2016 taxes and then got my debt into Currently Non-Collectible status so I would not have to worry about payments, or missing some payments and making others. They informed me as long as I can make my estimated payments and do not owe moving forward, my account will remain in the hardship status. On top of this, I can use their office to file my future taxes so I do not get off track again.

“Thank you to Paramount Tax Relief for lessening my tax burden. I am very pleased with the way Faith handled everything for me. I would be lost without her.” – Sharon H.

“Paramount Tax Relief was the best thing happened in my life at the time when I needed someone for help with my taxes. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done! ” – David, Florida.

“I will start out like this I was very skeptical. I went ahead and took a shot at it I’m not going to lie I thought I had a good possibility of getting screwed over but it turned out very very well they took care of business they was very prompt almost every single time I called they answered the phone and took care of whatever questions I had all the way down to sitting faxes emails whatever I needed so you do get your money’s worth the end result they take care of your business the only downside is the IRS drags their feet they’re on their own time they don’t care about how promptly you need something done but they still took care of business they made it happen I do highly recommend without a doubt.” – Charles, Missouri.

“Paramount tax relief has done an amazingly amazing job for me! I truely appreciate how they handled my tax situation, very professional. I was in way over my head and they were the light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend Paramount tax relief to any one with tax issues. Thank whole heartedly Faith and her team for helping me!” – Thomas L

“Great service, I wish I knew them years ago. Very affordable.” – Abdelilah, Sacramento, CA.

“I have worked with Paramont Tax Relief and have had great experience. Always followed up to make sure I understood and they kept me informed on every step of the process.” – Beverly, Illinois.

“Great service all around.” – Sandra W.

“Highly recommend Paramount Tax Relief!! They helped us through a very rough time with the IRS and brought us through to a great solution. They are honest, knowledgeable, always respond to questions and concerns with patience and explanations. We’re so very grateful for their expertise and integrity – and VERY glad to have them in our corner. Relief? Yes!!” – Karen W.

“For several years now, I have relied on Faith’s expertise to work on my taxes. I have been an independent contractor at times, and so in my tax filing there is quite a bit of paperwork and numbers to go through. Faith always delivers on time, is available whenever I have a question, and knows the tax laws well. These are all essential qualities to me, and they provide me with confidence that the work has been done correctly.” – Juan Carlos P.

“I contacted Paramount Tax Relief because I was desperate and in need of help. I wish I had contacted them sooner as I probably could have avoided years of stress. I had been attempting to resolve my tax situation for the last five years on my own but was going nowhere. I was stressed and at my wit’s end. After exhausting all options with the IRS and still owing a substantial amount of money, I contacted Paramount Tax Relief. Paramount Tax Relief helped me understand my rights and advocated for me. They sat down with me and listened to my concerns. I felt relieved as they took control of the situation and explained my rights in a way I could understand. They were knowledgeable about the law and handled my tax issue efficiently and effectively. They won my case and I no longer owe the IRS tens of thousands of dollars I cannot say thank enough. I am so happy to have my life back.” – Jason B.

“We called Paramount Tax Relief after watching their TV commercial. We owed the IRS over $10,000 and, after several months of working with Faith and the office, we finally got relief. Paramount Tax Relief settled our debt and we no longer owe to the IRS. We can’t believe this. Thank you Paramount Tax Relief for all the help.” – Richard W.

“Paramount Tax Relief has done an excellent job of resolving my back taxes and liens with the IRS. Not only did they resolve 7 years of back taxes, they also resolved a huge tax liability and had it completely removed. I highly recommend Paramount Tax Relief. They have taken a huge burden off my shoulders. Thank you!” – Chris L.

“My experience with Paramount has been outstanding! They have been gracious and so helpful throughout this process. I honestly can’t recommend them highly enough! It was a pleasure working with this amazing group of people. Thank you for making this experience such a great one!” – Julee P.

“I was going through some tax issues and a friend referred me to Paramount Tax Relief. I met with Faith, a Tax Expert, and explained my tax situation and how I stressed out due to the IRS. Paramount was able to turn my tax situation into a positive through correspondence with the IRS. In the end, I was very pleased with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Paramount Tax Relief to anyone who needs assistance with taxes.” – Jason M.

“These people are great! When I called for tax help, I was very skeptical about who to hire for my tax issues. I spoke with Faith, explained my situation, and before I knew it she had my case under control. Paramount Tax Relief came through with everything they said they would do. I got my refunds! The IRS is off of my back and life is back on track with these issues. Thank you to the Paramount Team!” – Steward H.

“Faith and Mike were so amazing in working with us; very available, explaining everything along the way, and helping us to right the ship to get our tax problems resolved. Paramount has been an amazing resource… straight-up, clear process, honest, and reassuring. Highly recommend to anyone who finds themselves in the stressful place of trying to get back on track in complex tax situations. Seriously, couldn’t be more grateful!” – Melissa B.

“I was and am very happy, because Paramount Tax Relief helped me with what I needed. Thanks and if I need help in the future I know who I need to turn to.” – Sonia E.

“Paramount Tax Relief performed their business in a manner that was professional, interactive, and personal. Because of the presentation of their advertisement on TV, I finally made a decision to trust and call them to help me rectify my situation. As of today, it would seem that that’s exactly what they did. I am pleased that Paramount Tax Relief was able to get me back on track to being a responsible, tax filing individual. Because of Paramount Tax Relief, I feel that I am a regular citizen again. I am grateful for all that they did on my behalf. Sure, I had to pay, but I knew I’d have to pay anyway. I thank God that I was able to finally be at a point in my life where I could do that. I also thank God that HE pointed me in the direction of Paramount Tax Relief and Faith. The personal attention to my cause was probably the best benefit. Even though I knew she had others handling my casem, never once did I feel she wasn’t personally handling my case herself. I always felt that I was being taken care of by the CEO of the company. I can only imagine her tremendous workload. However, I felt like I was her only client. I don’t know how she was able to do it. But, she did make me feel special and cared for. And, once again, I am grateful for her service to me. As I write this, there are tears in my eyes because such excellent customer service, in today’s times, is rare. Thank you, Paramount Tax Relief & Faith, for all that you did on my behalf. May GOD continue to bless you on all your endeavors. May peace be with you, always. Forever grateful.” – Mohammed A.

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