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If you have received a notice from the IRS letting you know that you are being audited, you are not alone. Many tax payers receive audit notices. These notices are not a big deal if you have filed your taxes appropriately. If you have filed your taxes incorrectly, this can be a major problem and you should be concerned. Often, an audit is just that, an audit. It is the IRS’s way of keeping tax payers honest. If your tax return was accurate and complete, the IRS will not ask anything further of you and you have nothing to worry about. If your tax return was not done correctly, you will be obligated to pay the recalculated amount plus any incurred interest and penalties. Do not try to handle this alone. Paramount Tax Relief is here to help.


The IRS selects tax returns to audit randomly. Most people will go through their entire life without ever being audited. If you file your taxes correctly, you have nothing to worry about. If you do not, this can cause much grief. Paramount Tax relief can file your taxes for you to avoid any issues with the IRS. But if you have an audit problem, call Paramount tax Relief. We can help you in contacting the IRS. Because the IRS is such a big company handling so many cases, it can sometimes be difficult to reach them It is not easy contacting the IRS. Here at Paramount Tax Relief, we can answer any questions you need regarding the IRS. Trust our team of professionals to get you through a tough IRS audit

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