New Years Resolutions For Your Finances

The New Year is the time to reflect on all of your accomplishments from the previous year and begin setting your sights onto new ones. Typical New Year’s resolutions include traveling the world, getting back into the gym, eating clean, quitting a bad habit, and so much more, but what’s often overlooked and most important [...]

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Tax Evasion and How It Can Affect You

Tax evasion is a term we often hear, but what does it really mean? In a nutshell, it is a criminal offense where an individual or an entity intentionally avoid paying their tax liability. This can include underreporting taxable income, underpaying taxes, falsifying documents, falsely claiming business expenses, concealing assets, and claiming tax benefits on [...]

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How You Can Lower Your 2019 Tax Bills Now

Tax bills often come as an inconvenient surprise. To help dodge the sudden financial headache, our experts at Paramount Tax Relief put together a list of easy steps you can take that could reduce how much you owe on your next tax bill.  Make the Call Change Your W-4 A huge tax bill could result [...]

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Getting Ready to File Your Taxes in 2019

While Tax Day may feel like worlds away, it is already time to start preparing for April 15, 2020. If you haven’t yet thought about your tax strategy since last April, it is probably time to consider the types of changes you can implement. You may want to consider adjusting your retirement contributions as well [...]

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How to File An IRS Hardship Form

Tax season can be a stressful time of year for many Americans – each year, around 900,000 taxpayers fail to pay their taxes on time. Make the Call If you’re facing tax problems, your best option might be to file for financial hardship. Upon review, the IRS may deem you Currently Not-Collectible, which would exempt [...]

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What Would a Payroll Tax Cut Mean for Me?

The impending possibility of a payroll tax cut could have implications across the board, from millennials to those collecting social security. Learn more about what tax cut could mean for you from Paramount Tax Relief in Sacramento.  Make the Call What is a Payroll Tax Cut? Payroll taxes are the sums taken out of your [...]

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What To Do If I Get A CP 504 In The Mail?

If you fail to pay your federal tax debt in a timely manner, you may find yourself toe-to-toe with IRS collections activities. Before the IRS can collect the funds you owe, they are required to notify you through a written CP 504 notice. Paramount Tax Relief in Sacramento is here to tell you exactly what [...]

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Do a Paycheck Checkup NOW!

At Paramount Tax Relief in Sacramento, our staff encourages you to revisit your tax withholding and perform a "paycheck checkup",especially if major changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affected the refund amount you received this year. Most changes took place in 2018 and taxpayers first noticed them on the tax return they filed [...]

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