The IRS Plans to Visit High-Income Non-Filers in 2020

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If you receive income exceeding $100,000 and didn’t file your taxes in 2018 or years previous, prepare for a visit from an IRS Revenue Officer. 

As part of its broader effort to ensure fairness, the IRS announced in February 2020, that it is “aggressively pursuing” high-income taxpayers who failed to file one or more of their tax returns on time.

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How Do I Know If The IRS Will Visit Me?

The IRS typically sends plenty of letters over an extended period to remind taxpayers that they need to take action. In turn, if you neglected mail from the IRS in the recent past, there’s a real chance an IRS revenue officer will stop by for an unannounced visit.

What Will Happen If The IRS Visits Me?

IRS Revenue officers seek to asses your financial information, calculate how much you owe the IRS, and take the necessary, but lawful, actions to collect the amount you owe. They will explain your tax obligations and go over the potential ramifications for failing to comply with the law.

How Can I Avoid A Visit From The IRS?

As the IRS only seeks to stalk its debtors, they will leave you alone once you pay all of your debts – back taxes, penalties, and the like. For the future, the best preventative action to take is to file your taxes by the mid-April deadline or at least enroll in an available payment option, offer in compromise, or temporarily delay the collection deadline.

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