Tips on How to Choose A Tax Preparer

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The tax deadline is right around the corner, and many people need help filing their tax returns.

Although there is no shortage of help, taxpayers need to make sure their tax preparers possess the necessary capabilities and qualifications.

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Keep These Tips in Mind When Choosing a Tax Preparer

Check Their Qualifications

Tax preparers may specialize, or lack specialties, in specific areas of tax matters. Taxpayers can verify if their prospective preparers possess the appropriate skills, education, and expertise to handle their tax needs with the IRS.

Verify Their History

Independent organizations such as the Better Business Bureau keep close tabs on accredited tax preparers. In turn, you should check your local Better Business Bureau for disciplinary actions and the license status of your prospective preparers. You can also go through other organizations, like the State Board of Accountancy and the State Bar Association to verify credentials.

Inquire About Service Fees

Avoid tax preparers who base fees on a percentage of your refund or on the premise that they’re refunds are better than the competition.

Confirm Their Availability

Make sure your preparer is available to dedicate time towards your taxes before this year’s deadline. To do this, make an effort to prepare early.

Provide Records

Capable preparers will ask you about records and receipts to calculate vital information like total income, tax deductions, and credits.

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