What Is an Offer in Compromise?

When you find yourself behind and indebted to the IRS, it’s always in your best interest to resolve that debt however you can. By entering into some sort of agreement, like a payment plan or other arrangement, you can avoid the potentially crippling impact of bank levies, wage garnishments, or other last resorts that the [...]

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Tips From Our Sacramento Area Team for Getting Your OIC Approved

When you receive a notice from the IRS that you owe them money, our Sacramento area team knows that it can be an extremely stressful time. However, ignoring the problem never makes it go away; instead, the best way to alleviate that stress is by facing the issue head on to work toward a resolution. [...]

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Things to Stop Doing on Your IRS Offer in Compromise

When you owe the IRS for back taxes, allowing our San Francisco area experts to help you apply for an offer in compromise, or OIC, can potentially provide some very real relief for your tax issues. Continuing to make mistakes while waiting for your offer to come through, though, can cause more severe problems than [...]

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How Long Does it Take to Get an Offer In Compromise?

If you're facing IRS tax collection, the team at our Sacramento area tax relief company knows the stress that you're facing. While this process can seem daunting, you do have options to alleviate and ultimately resolve your tax obligations. In addition to paying your tax debt, you can potentially find relief in the form of [...]

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